Growth Advisory Services

Our growth advisory practice was born out of our mission to partner with growth-focused organizations, especially start-ups and small to medium businesses (SSMBs), that share our values. As you endeavour to scale your organization, we help you build a solid foundation to fulfill your vision. We bring the experience, skill, entrepreneurial mindset, and network to enhance your strategy, offering pragmatic solutions that fuel growth. Below is a glimpse of our growth advisory services and the ways we can support you on your growth journey:

Fractional Leadership

With a razor focus on maximizing value and optimizing resources, our fractional executive services provide the strategic leadership experience your organization needs to grow successfully. As your trusted growth advisory partners, we develop strategies, implement systems, and guide your team through your organization’s growth journey. As thought leaders in transformation, we bring expertise and best practices to help you create a progressive culture, sound company structure, and a brand strategy. We also provide robust oversight on operations, IT, finance, accounting, and human resources.

Partnerships & Business Development

As well-rounded entrepreneurs, we have vast international networks. Leveraging them, we find the right strategic partners and forge strong relationships to help your business grow. Whatever your objective, we can help you find the right partners and resources. We’ll connect you with strategic partners, thought leaders, content creators, customers, and investors. As your trusted growth advisors we won’t stop there, we’ll also guide you through contract negotiations to ensure each partnership aligns with your goals. Combining these strategic partnerships with out-of-the-box thinking, we help you build an effective ecosystem to enable growth.

Risk Management

Process Automation Specialists

Risk is inherent in business, but losses don’t have to be. That’s why risk management is an important part of our growth advisory practice. We identify the risks your organization faces and work to remediate them before they turn into losses. With decades of experience in risk management and continuous improvement, our team has enabled organizations to execute successful digital transformations and powered high-paced growth at globally recognized organizations. We offer enterprise risk management, internal controls (including SOX/CSOX implementation), internal audit, and business process reengineering.

Growth Advisory Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Better yet, we’ll answer them in as little consulting or corporate language as possible, below:

What is Growth Advisory Services?

The short answer? Our growth advisory services give us the opportunity to become your trusted partners on the road to high-paced growth.


With over 30 years of combined experience in high-paced growth and digital transformation across diverse organizations and industries, our team is uniquely qualified to help your organization grow. We partner with mission-driven growth organizations, with a focus on SSMBs, whose values align with our own. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, our understanding of the unique challenges these companies face inspires us to support founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs on their journeys. Whatever your title, you can count on us to be your number 2, 3, or 4: trusted advisors who find pragmatic solutions to your most pressing challenges.

I understand your vision and mission, but how can you help me?

As companies look to scale, founders, owners, and CEOs are pulled in many different directions. Our services enable you to focus on your strengths, while we provide the strategic capabilities required to build and grow your organization and fulfill your vision. 


We’d love to get to know you and your organization, so we can dive into the specifics of how we can help you. We also encourage you to get to know us! Check out our team bios and LinkedIn profiles to learn about our education, designations and depth and breadth of experience. We’re confident that you’ll find that we can successfully fulfill various roles to help you maximize your organization’s potential.  

What does the process look like from first contact to a successful partnership?

Like every organization, every engagement is unique! Typically, this is what you can expect:


Getting Acquainted: We take some time to get to know each other with a few calls or in-person meetings. During this time, we’ll review your strategic documents (under NDA, of course), job descriptions, objectives, and website. We use this time to ensure we understand your unique objectives and how you can benefit from our growth advisory services.


Proposal: Once we’ve had the opportunity to learn and understand your business and objectives, we will provide a proposal outlining exactly how we can add value to your organization.


Building the Relationship: For all accepted proposals, we envision a short-term engagement to deliver on immediate objectives. During this time, we also focus on building a deeper understanding of your business and a relationship rooted in trust. As we complete our short-term objectives, we engage further with specifics on how we can help you achieve growth and fulfill your vision.

(Your Inside Voice) Wait, how much do they charge?

We hear you (yes, we are intuitive)!


We value our time, effort, sacrifices, hustle, midnight oil, experience, and most importantly, the passion, drive, energy, and out-of-the-box thought leadership we bring to every initiative. We’re also entrepreneurs who understand that not every organization has the resources to fill every skill gap. We structure our growth advisory services and compensation to fit your short and long-term objectives as best as possible. 


Our fractional leadership, risk management, and continuous improvement advisory services may be customized in flexible hourly packages and rates.


Our partnerships, sales, marketing, and business development services have bigger performance and value-based compensation elements.


Each conversation is different, and every potential client is at a different stage in their growth journey. We endeavour to customize our services and compensation packages to maximize the value for our clients. 


As we said, we are a little different… Contact us here. We would love to hear your story